European Tassel Door

Product Code:SD08S / SD08M / SD08X
Simple but stylish design,
falling down freely between lines,
set the destination to the endless horizon.

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  • Modular soundproof aluminum door, customized combination according to the demand. 
    1. Strong door frames and door leaf construction design, 5 inches big hinges structure.  
    2. Premium vehicle using gaskets along the door leaf, great soundproof and anti-dust.  
    3. Provide many lock choices, such as JP/Taiwan locks, or other lock related fittings.  
    4. Reaches 50dB ( 4000Hz ) soundproof.  
    5. Applied with US aerospace multiple technology, energy-saving glass.  
    6. High quality structure of mullions, improve the firmness of door, not just a decoration. 
  • =Door Types= 

    -Basic fittings- 

    -optional fittings- 

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